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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Theories, from the Doctrine of God

Theories, from the Doctrine of God
The influence of the bible has been based upon the theories of representation of the gospels; which are supposedly being the words of a god spoken through man. The words from this god are called Holy Scriptures. These holy scripts have been passed down from generation to generation; supposedly since the “Dark Ages” of the earth civilization. These very words have created misconception of some realities, causing more transgression to occur in the world. These misapprehension cause people to discard their true intended self; which creates a cloud of fear, of self-guidance. Instead of facing the truth, they would prefer cowardly fear and accept cowardliness.  
If one can’t express their true self, because of the world’s non- acceptance; then, those societal worlds are in denial of true realistic phenomenon’s, of one’s true existence. Denial deteriorates and cannot enhance proper social relation. Without proper social relations, the world’s advancement of global technology would not be discovered. The world’s advancements are in areas materialistically, dynamically, creativity in the evolving evolutionary technical changes.
In search of, the Omnipotent and Benevolent God   
Science has always been discarded by many Christians. They believe by accepting scientific facts; that it is not showing loyalty to god in his judgment; and, it intrudes with the faith process. The so called god , have set events that should occur in all human lives ; and, his  doctrine testaments  should be carry out , in order to fulfill the prophecies of its content . One of the common prophecies that are a good example of fulfillment; is the prophecy of god’s wishes after Adam and Eve betrayal of eating from the forbidding tree. For their disobedience, Adam and Eve were punished. God cursed Eve with bearing children (pain with child birth). Some believers feel that when children are born, they are born into sin; and, if any medicine is administrated to the woman, to ease the pains of child birth would be considered a sin; because, it’s interfering with god’s curse upon women. This is just one of the immoral and irrational acts the bible has perpetrated. The woman has endured a lot of unfair treatment by man, because of the so called Holy Scriptures. God seems to have a found hatred for the women; more than men. God created Eve for Adam to aid his loneliness. God felt that Eve could fit the portrayal of a diligent wife. God’s poor lack of good judgment has caused him to create something that has error; when he is supposed to be an omnipotent benevolent god.

God's omnipotent must display invincibility; which is something he failed to do because of his creation of Adam; his own image self. This is implying that god gets lonely; and, his loneliness became invincible and causes him to want the company of another; or, so what god believed that Adam needed, a woman. It is also suggesting that if Adam didn’t get lonely there would be no place on this earth for women; Adams loneliness brought the woman into existence. Therefore god could not be omnipotent, because his perception of loneliness and how one should deal with it is to create another being. Then later on in the scripture god came again; but, this time in the form of flesh; which was Jesus. This is another example of god’s trial and error. God’s loneliness caused him to have further imperfection that is now infinite; god is powerless. His creation of Adam was out of solitude; which is the mind of a non - supernatural being. Only a mortal suffers with loneliness and half to create things around him to administer their loneliness. I often think why he didn’t choose to make Adam first; since the first thing when Adam got lonely he created Eve. After, analyzing the bible’s myths, I have come to the conclusion that god have problem with the company of a woman to a certain extent. God wanted to put his self into a new world; recreating his self because of his deficiency in heaven; which I believe to be an act of latent self-evaluation.
When the war of the devil and god came into play; god placed the guilt upon Lucifer; which was the devils name before he and his followers were caste out of heaven. Often when one recreates his /her self, it is out of guilt of one’s self errors they made in life. That means that god himself could have caused the devil to act and such an arrogant way; after all god did create Lucifer.  There is supposed to be no higher power then god; but, yet the devil was heavily influenced by a higher power; but, god still claims Lucifer sinned on his own.  God is not taking the responsibility of his own creation.  Just like the courts not claiming responsibility for the missed upbringing of the criminal minded. However there could be the false conception of a more powerful supreme being other than god; that caused Lucifer’s arrogance; and if so, where did this power come from and is it still up there. Maybe god was being tested by this higher supernatural being. In order to influence god’s right hand man; something of a greater power then god had to attack Lucifer’s intellect, an order for him to believe that he (Lucifer) could do a better job as the God of heaven.

We are often instructed by the men of the cloth (clergy), that we should do whatever god tell us to do. Lucifer may was instructed to do same by another higher being. Heaven is supposed to be a safe place; yet, something disturbed it. Just like the minister of Jesus; when Judas decides to try a force Jesus hand to destroy another; by telling Jesus places of residences. Jesus was take and judge; and, sentence by Pilate whom respected the law, that whom the crowd would cheer the loudest for, shall not be crucified. The crowd cheered louder for the rebel, then for Jesus; this resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus. Later, on the Christian doctrine began to manifest widely throughout the world. This means other belies and non-beliefs systems will come stronger into existence in the cycle of evolutionary changes; because the cheer is not loud now, shall be loud later. Once people has seen the truth behind a different religion or the human rationalities of life; the crowd that couldn’t cheer loud before; shall cry louder for a different way of life.
There are so many things that are happening to the people of the world. The church is willing to look the other way from people’s well-being in order to keep some unworthy people in the church of this so called god. Whoever does not do the will of god is an Atheist. One cannot say you’re a believer and then do not comply with the word of your god. It seems to me that the devil is the stronger so called being; because god is so carried away with minor imperfection and does not realize it. God anger is of a fool; that does not give a realistic way to come back from fault because of his own imperfection. By god cursing innocence children from birth and calling it a sin, is a picnic for Lucifer; he knows that it is a sure soul, he shall inherit; just from the so called gods words that condemns his own people.
Sinning will cost you not to go to heaven. So if ever one sinned at birth then we are a hell; and half to become a believer in god and his word; an order to get out of hell that mean the devil is oh so powerful; which is a very sad thing. What I just mentioned above is just a little information that challenges the theory that god is omnipotent.
God, the so called benevolent being.

Through faith god is supposed to supply your ever need; just as long as you believe that he will come to provide and that he is your Lord and Savior.  By giving offering and tithe is supposed to be a sign of faith, and that faith bestows in you. And for having good faith, god will then return a gift that has been requested by the one who holds this bestowed faith. The faith in reality is not a fact; many worshiper of god have faith; and, did not receive anything but strife from their so called god; leaving the worshiper empty and confused about their faith. When in reality if it is meant for you to have; you shall have it whether you pray or not, or have faith or not. If there was in benevolent god he would show compassion and care about your needs and wants.
When a pray has gone unanswered or denied, god is failing to care about those who serve him with truth and faith. What kind of god will not return the reward; after being given the acknowledgement of faith and that he is god, surely not a benevolent god? God gives the image of a selfish, unrighteous and malevolent god; to those who serve him with loyalty. We often see the most evilest receive the best out of life. God give to them even when they steal, rape and murder. What kind of god would do such a thing that is supposed to be benevolent? It is a god of much fallacy; like a mortal being. God plays tricks and make bets with the devil for his own self amusement. The both of them enjoy watching their worshipers beg for the same things he had denied them already. God then, claims your faith is not where it should be or that it just was not meant for you. These are god ways of covering his reason for not honoring your request. I want you to do something different this so called omnipotent benevolent god would say.
If one knows, that you have done all the right things; but yet  nothing was returned, one will begin to question why haven’t I got what I requested ; then god pull another trick out of his sleeves ;and say the devil has made you impatient, and by you doubting, will cause  you still not get your blessing. God always tricking his believer, that it is their fault for not receiving some reward or deliverance. When he just making a fool out of all of us. God is maliciously wicked and cruel.
 One who prays and faith that things will come to pass; have their own personal insight of the upcoming event that is going to happen in their life and maybe others. Some realize that they have this mortal power of good perception; others believe that it is gift from god. Having good perception is something that is not immortal; it is self- awareness that we all have. Mental instability can affect the growth of proper awareness in some individual.
Benevolent being is not god; because the Holy Scriptures is contradicting, it lacks common sense and has unreliable fabrications.
The man whom created god; created him the image of his own self and what his mind perceives to be reality. This imaginative mind is of true wisdom; but the wisdom is detrimental. The believer is worshiping something apart of his imagination; which is a highly creative one; with literature quite amazing as well as the Koran (Qur'an) and all other religions. Finding out why the human mind creates such things is quite a phenomenon. However, one fails to realize when anyone reads a good book, the book comes to life in the mind of the reader. The reader reflects on the magnificence of the writer’s collective thought; which becomes quite stimulating. The reader thinks; how do we perceive this writer to be? Do they have the power to manipulate one’s mind through their writings of truth, lies and mystifying theories? All we know is that the imagination is a true misconception of reality; but also, a true proficiency.
The Empirical Entity
The human imagination can create the most extraordinary things that one would not think another could possibly have. It has been said that god is an empirical entity that relies on experience to handle the realistic events that come upon one in life. God’s failure to show his omnipotent benevolent essence; has become in stumbling block to the empirical entity theory; even in the beginning of the bible.
If one do not have compassion for another individual; they are then incapable of having forgiveness for someone simplest mistakes. From empirical of disappointment and failure, then to forgiveness, is an exercise process of forgiveness. But, an order to forgive one must have compassion; which god does not have. God does not acknowledge realistic experience; he is just a should of god.
 God has even objected to his own natural surroundings. He took his own image placed it in a different world he has created. Detaching him from his true being; it is truly a psychological phenomenon. God say he forgives, but does not show it .God can forgive and is capable of forgiveness; if he doesn’t let his pride invade his true self. Lucifer deception caused god to make a harsh decision that he regrets in hidden ways. There are signs of his regretful mind that are being covered up by biblical acts of endurance; such as, Noah’s Ark and the redeemer (Jesus Christ). The feeling of guilt of an unclean world that has been produced by his own wills, that lived in Adam and then extended to Eve and their heirs. This has to be a regretful mind, if it wasn’t he would not keep recreating the doctrine, so it will be more suitable to follow. But, some will not see this as a regretful act; but only as his goodness wanting us to have peace and everlasting life.
Speaking hypothetically; we must realize that Lucifer powers, most be the equal strength of gods; and that god cannot beat the unbeatable war for heaven and hell. Only the world’s self-destruction (the rapture) will give some diplomatic leverage.
God has no experience with forgiving; he discards when one fails. God first test as a mighty god was to forgive his close and dearest friend Lucifer; for thinking above him. The second mistake was him covering his mistakes with ours; and just simply blaming the devil for his own faults. Then claiming he is forgiving us for our sin that was caused by Lucifer; like he is this great being that can’t be beat. If one, were to go around acting like a god, others then will begin following them and worship them.
God fits the description of a sociopath who only wants to be loved by the one whom he is fixated on; and he will not accept different mannerism. Claiming that it is it’s the devil when he cannot get his way; like a mad man trying to enforce unrealistic theories he has created an own mind. God often latently enabled the world of science to find the cause of his religious imperfections. One of the clear methods he continually uses is the scientific method on the people, earth and animals he has so called created. We are no better than the mice and other animals that are used in his experiment. We are the empirical being if we choose to practice his doctrine.
We all make mistake in life; and we make self-improvement all through life, even until our very last breath. God failed to improve his self after all these years. His forgivingness skill is not in practice. Yes one should learn through trial and error; or, even have some disciplinary actions for the act of sin. But, damaging one so much, that they cannot get back right in his goodness; is incomprehensible. God’s excessive act of casting Lucifer and followers out of heaven was obvious evidence that god is not an empirical being. An, callous feud in heaven turned into a world of devastate, instead of and world of stupendous. If god practices what he preaches; rather than be a hypocrite to his on doctrine, we would not need a doctrine to go by an order to escape the wrath's of hell.
Theologians lack of rational proof.
Throughout some theologians studies of religion and evidence that some has presented, does not give us reason to believe that there is in fact, a supernatural being. Some have come to the conclusion that, there is no proof of god’s presence as a supernatural entity.
If one was to create a hiding place, where no one can go or invade, nor can take away. The enemy then will know that you have something, they cannot possibly take away. It makes the enemy feel that they have no control of your thoughts. Even when they tell you not to believe in god, the believers can agree to those terms and not to practice religion; but in reality they are still capable of believing and worshiping the so called god in their minds. For, thoughts can be hidden; it does not half to be shown an action; it is a private innocence and intimate. The knowledge of the mind and it’s hidden thoughts; causes fear in the enemy ; failure and feelings of displacement; from not knowing someone’s true intentional thoughts.
The believer mind is like everyone else; it has its own defense mechanism. But, the believer is trapped in fear by his /her master; they will face a sure death in the lake of fire when his/her flesh dies; if they continue to not worship their religion. In reality they are feeling fear from the presence of realism; which causes, insecurities within them.
The religious person, most prove to their master at all time that there mind is on him and his magnificent relentlessly .Trying to interfere with one going to heaven; will only make them more obsessive about worshiping their god. They will become more distance from the reality and the changes that are occurring in society.
If this behavior is identify by others, the believer would simply say , I am not of the world, and you will not compile my mind to consider the worldly way; your just  a trick from the devil trying to put fear in me, not to worship my lord and savior. In reality the believer is suffering from paranoid delusion; because anything that is incorrectly happening to them is being discarded, as if it is just a trick from devil. This is a person that is escaping reality through in imaginary god that tells them they are correct and the world is wrong. They are converse with a new character that has been created by their fellow worshiper, of whatever doctrine they are in; falling   into world of non- humanity; causing them to be even more withdrawn.
The process of existence, of the so called god, is the matter of divinity; it gives the substance, theme, and issue of mysticism (spirituality). The substance to the theological aspect of the belief in god is self-reliance. That takes the form of the misleading notion that they are being guiding by some sort of supernatural being; becoming and dominate force; manipulating rationality out of irrational events. The creator of god  then recreate non- realistic theories that cannot be supported; unless one can convince another that only god can explain the unexplainable ; and what is not understood,  is from the lack of enlightenment that one failed to receive  because of the devils interference. However, question can be answered; but, not in the will and reasoning of god; only humanistic- ally. Believing that the devil is at fault for our consternation(dismays); is only going to make the believer fall into an cycle of an non-realistic mind, of an un-found god . In order to break the cycle of the non- realistic mind, one must step out of their comfort zone; and began to enable them to be open to rational and logical observable facts; without letting the mind of a so called god, bind them with failure from the devil. Opening the mind to critical thinking, that can give answers without manipulating one or blaming a so called devil.
Etymology of the word Atheism origin
Atheism is the non- belief of a supernatural being. The word is the opposite of theism, which is the belief of a god or gods. The etymological of the word is in psychical relation to one another; because of the word theism is part or all of the word. Theism means, a belief in god. The “A” is then added to theism which then creates the word Atheism ; and recreates its meaning; which is now, the non- belief in god.
The prefix “A” is defined as no. When placed in front of an word; the originally word will be the complete opposite of what it was before the prefix “A” was placed in front of theist. Therefore it makes the word Atheism in spelling and the meaning of Atheism is one who does not believe in god (no- theism); verses theism a belief in god. This is just one way the word is associated with each other. Both of the words are reference to another; but, one does believe and the other does not. It is in comparison which each other.
The contrast of the words atheism and theism are the meaning and spelling. If there is any type of conversation concerning Atheism and theism; one is always an indication to another in contrast. The dissimilarity is in meaning and spelling. But, there will always be a likeness in the two words. Because the word atheism originated from theism; that has an added prefix “A”; which changes the meaning of the word theism.  The words will always refer to one another; because of the subject of supernatural-ism.
Supernatural-ism is the belief of the existence of ghost or god; it is implying that it is responsible for the unexplainable and the continuation of everlasting life; that is in relation to atheism law of explanation of known forces or law of “natural reason”; that is capable of clarifying the unexplainable or will do so in time. Meaning, atheism and theism have explanations for life occurrences. Although the reasons differ; there is still some sort of explanation; individual must make their own determination whether the explanation is valid or invalid. But, are both talking about the rationalization of the supernatural or the law of natural reason. Atheism gives a more realistic explanation without the inevitable possibility; by giving the question to an un-found god that will or just cannot answer. The two words etymologically, had to transcend for the spiritual and scientific notion of the justification of phenomenon findings of one’s way of thinking.
Spiritual is more of an idealistic approach; it is clarification of a lethargic (lazy) way of responding to a question without analyzing all the possibilities through critical thinking. Critical thinking enables' one  to answer  questions that appear to be rhetorical even through law of “natural reason”; when answered after carefully being examined through a series of hypothesis ;the spiritualist embezzle the answer and claims the answer was given by god; and, that he answered the unexplainable through human intelligence.
Scientific notion comes up with answers from trial and error; and heavy observation of unsolved phenomenon. Sometimes it can take a long time to find a scientific fact to the unexplainable ;however, it is heavy analyzed without bias and is eventually answered with realistic notions; rather than only god knows the answer and he will tell his people  in due time. When in actuality, it is mortal whom is seeking and finding the truth. The spiritualist uses devious ways to give the impression that it is god, at all times.
Man discovering science and embracing it as his own way of finding and making the unknown, known. Technology today has only enhanced the lives of the people, animals and the earth. The analysis is findings methods and inventions that are beyond supernatural reality; and everything that is of reality is not authentic. The beyond-ness of reality is a unique happening itself; it lies in the cradle of rationality. Rationality and realism is acting as a combination unit. The truth does not mean it is coherent. By being more rational, it accepting the reality of the truth with common sense and good reasoning, that takes it beyond reality.

Panic emerges in the word atheist.
 The sound, the sight and the thought of some words have been known to place people into a paranoid panic once acknowledged. The words are so offensive to some; that researchers created new words to describe the current given word.  New words are evaluated; to see if it fit to cover up the tyrant word; in order to give the impression that the word less threatening. The meaning will not change; just its representative has changed; to soothe the mind of who is calling it ethically incorrect.
The word atheist; is a word that's considered to be the most indignant word that is next to the word devil. It has been an ignominy to the believer in god; and has been described by the believer, as a person of dumbness, who is evil, who is demonized and insane. The thoughts of this word have been spilled onto the world of atheism; causing some atheist to be in fear of their own representation of themselves; suffering from two types of fear; fear that the world will see the atheist as stupid, because of the stigma religious society created; and the fear of people responding in an irrational manner once they hear the word atheist. Words like free- thinkers and bright have replaced the original word atheist. Although free- thinker is defining the meaning of atheist very well; which is a mind that is free from bondages in serving a master, and whom respect the law of the land with agree-ability. Also, the word bright is insinuating that atheists is intelligent and reveal that the atheist is responding to the stigma of vicious name calling by renaming there selves.  
The definition of atheist is a person who does not believe in god; it is not saying whether the person is bright or not. There are good atheists and bad atheists; and there are good believers and there are bad believers. Bright can be used under any race or religion. But, if you are an atheist that is bright; you have then, a person who knows the true fundamentals of life.

The word atheist in fact causes fear; like the word Afro- America, because it is identifying the original people in Africa whom now live in America. The mind of the African that was molded into the black slave, then to nigger, Negro, colored and black; and finally to the Afro/African American or descendant of an African. Causing other races to be in fear; because it was no longer a black slave mind they were dealing with; it was now a free African mind. The word to some is insinuating that they feel like they have less control over the African American. In this case the word black is not being dumb down to African; the name African is coming back to its true existence, who blacks were referred to as many year ago. The oppressed slave mind no longer exists. Therefore, the word atheist should not be dumb down to make people feel less in fear, giving a delusion from reality. It is creating an imaginary delusion in the mind of the believer and submitted them to deal with the atheist indirectly.
The Development of Our Consciousness
Starting from infant, we all go through stages of growth; that leads us to become more independent. There is a hidden latency stage of growth and infants. The infant journey to a young child , have mechanical experiences and motor skills of smell, taste appetite, receptiveness , learning, responsiveness and the ability to accelerate at a good capacity; in order to facilitate and go forward throughout child development, without antagonism. Then later in life as the child becomes an adult or sometimes even in late childhood; ideas began to come collectively and begin to create understanding.
In order for the mind, to form to the stage of knowledge; a lot of the virgin mind most be exposed to a rational way of thinking.
All through society deviousness will come to mind of the impressionable; often a young person of spiritual or religious content. Children are often put in classes at a young age to study the religion their providers are currently practicing. As children, we have the ability to learn and comprehend very easily. Like when we learn the ABC’s and 123’s; it stays with us from a very young age into adulthood.  The mind is more receptive at a young age; learning new languages during this time will enhance the learning ability much better, then it would be for an adult. Children learning through reinforcements will process better when they are younger.  This is why many religions chose to indoctrinate (brainwash) at the youngest age; because, children will believe that the word of god is true and less likely to go astray from the doctrine. This teaching is continued throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  The only way to stop the indoctrination is the exposure of a more realistic environment; that may make their inner self view life more differently than usual. But, even then you have some that never been completely exposed to a life other than a believer in god. When some are exposed, they often feel different from other; feelings of displacement and wondering if there is really a god will begin to arise in their minds; doubts about something that has been reinforced in them for long periods of time.  They also were told if one doubts god, it is because of the devil. Tricking the doubtful person to stay in place of worship, where they do not comprehend nor accept the doctrine; many episodes of backsliding behavior will began; because, their mind cannot grasped the concept of worshiping a doctrine they doubt. Worshiping cannot be accomplished with a doubtful mind. Some take on this doubtful mind from the after math of test and trial or even from past life transgression; but, it can also be something that was sense in their mind from birth. That developed separately from the belief in god. It, than processed in the latency stage and stayed hidden, until it was called upon from the exposures of more intellect from realism.
Fanaticism of Religion
The extremism of religious belief is ones total devotion to their religion. It is thought to be the most passionate self-act from oneself to his/her god. But, passion is not often enough to believer good ethical moral values. Moral and ethical values fall into the worldly life ways, making one suitable for the law of man that will only improve their well- being.
Countries have law that are put into place for the people to follow, so that it may be a nation of good ethical and moral values, that are often in correlation with the commandments of the bible.  Although the bible speaks of Moses, who was supposedly spoken had spoken to a god; and, this so called god gave him the new commandments for his people to follow. Most of these commandants fall in correlation with man’s law; but, only man’s law is the most rational. For, example, one of the Ten Commandments states; though should not commit fornication. This is something that is extremely irrational; over more than fifty percent of the world have pre-marital sex; which is something that is lovely and natural. This so called clever god,  put sexual temptation even into very young age children; then when they have sex, he then want them punished  for raging hormones that he himself has created. This is not a sensible god; it is a stupid one.  God telling Abraham  to murder his own  son;  and then at the last minutes  the same god  told  him  not to,  right before  he was about  to make his  son the sacrifice. Then under the Nation of Islam code of proper life; they believe in killing another person, as along as Allah order it... The voice in one head, that is supposed to be a divine god is telling someone to kill another; is obvious coming from a diabolical god.   Although, the supernatural being is not supposed to make sense to the world, only to its doctrine and worshipers; however, what use of the doctrine, if the doctrine makes no sense and does not have a systematic realistic order that one can follow by. Thinking not of the world will surely cause your doctrine and community to be in a perishable state.
In order for one to deal with this sort of insensible fanaticism of religion; one must be in the heart and mind of their god. This dedication will sustain the mind of the devoted believer. There will be repercussions; which is the lack of the ability to understand the world events. Realism cannot be seen as a way of thinking for the passionate believer, whom mind has been convinced to think illogical; which makes them very ignorant and immoral. The believer feels that they are being constantly tested by god, because of their run in with the so called devil afflictions; that are actual events that are a part of life affliction, rather than in imaginary bad guy.
If one is going to have a passion for something they believe in; one should make sure that it is a realistic phenomenon, rather than dealing with a non-realistic theory created by a highly imaginative person. Who obvious had a guilty conscious; that they eventually called itself the devil; the keeper of their own personal mistakes and god the keeper of my own individual achievements. If I blame a supernatural being for my misfortunes, then I shall say it is a supernatural being for my goal. Since the opposite of evil is good and one cannot exist without the other. Each word is related to another; because it is dealing with the subject of good.  An order to say someone is good; then one must have had to witness the act of bad.
The worshiper believes that god created well, and the devil created badly. Which makes no since, because in order for the devil to be god’s right hand man ; he had to be good, then later something made him bad ; and what ever made him bad is the creator of bad . Also, god created Adam in the image of his own self; then god was supposedly had took the rib from Adam, which is him own self and created Eve. They both committed a bad act, in god’s eyes; because they could not resists the temptation of being captivated by the forbidden tree the devil laid for them. Since that failed, god also failed just like he failed in heaven with his situation with Lucifer. Therefore, god has bad in him; who makes him also, the creator of bad. With bad we would not know the feeling of wanting good.
Most doctrines have the teaching of growing closer to a supernatural being; this is what will get them to the fanaticism of religion. Being nurtured by someone that has got in touch with there on thoughts and feeling; but, is now calling it a god has convinced other to do the same. The followers are now taking on the personality of the creator of god; not god himself, because he does not exist, he exists only through his creator; it is likely that once a person has taking on this devotion to god, it become a stepping stool to more and one personality. Each individual have their own characteristic, that is in a conscious state at all times. Once you have unified your soul with the soul of this god; you then had come in touch with the unconscious that can be ignorant to the world and have no consciousness of it. This unconscious develops a personality of its own. Some people can juggle the personalities and make the both personalities coexist; this is what makes fanaticism to their god questionable. One cannot love god and man to, it is impossible according to the doctrine of this un-found god. Other has a hard time dealing with the duel personality. It rips them apart causing them to be divided into two very strong and antagonist elements; coexisting in an unhealthy manner. In this situation the doctrine is mostly discarded; as, well, as your characteristic of rationality of the world. Self - destruction can began to take place; because the duel personality can no longer coexist. The worshiper, believe that the devil have taking over; because your mind have split into two completely different elements that has created a new element of the subconscious; repressed confusion and anger. The different monsters of mental disorders can emerge easily from this repression of the subconscious. If this has happened, the fanaticism of god is then false. In order for god mind to rule the believer; god must have complete control of your unconscious (unsuspecting sheep); so the conscious will not see the reality of its existence. The unsuspecting mind is then guided by the mind of this so called god (shepherd). This god claims to control the mind that is not filled with malignant thought; it must reside in an uncontaminated vacant sanctuary. The conscious mind is occupied with collective thoughts; that will intrude with ones devotion to god.  The consciousness cannot be reconstructed; it is hidden so the unconscious mind can take over and act as your new mind; which is the mind of this so called god. For one to do this they must be completely oblivious to accept god unrealistic and irrational views; so the puppeteer can pull the strings to its new vessel.
 The belief in god is extraordinary. How one subjects their self to become vulnerable to god at all times. The mind of the seeker of god is searching for their selves; inside their unconscious mind. That creates a new life in the mind of this god. That will soon dominant the conscious; and make it appear like the old you do not exist. When in reality, your true consciousness is very much alive; and will reveal itself when the unconscious failed to make you unaware. This is called by the believer, backslider. The devil is trying to turn you back to the old you; the conscious began to take over; and decide that they cannot hang on to the unrealistic beliefs of god.
It is easy to lead the unconscious (unsuspecting sheep) mind to irrationality. It is ready to be filled with whatever one shall put in it to inhabit; and it does not matter how hideous it is. Sometimes the conscious has experienced before; then the conscious will come into full existence and object to the filler (holy- spirit) request to reside. This means that the conscious is not hidden and the unconscious cannot dwell; causing one to have repeated backsliding episode. When these episodes happen, the seeker cannot be made whole in the belief of religion.
The conscious is the strongest out of the consciousness. The conscious is usually not out done by the unconscious mind that has been developed at in young age. The mind of god is reinforced from childhood until adulthood in some cases. But, some people been around the religious environment all their life; and do not ever create the mind of god. Because at birth the child had already developed their own consciousness that is repressed; and then later revealed when their consciousness comes to rush the throne of the unconscious.
 When we fall in love with someone that do not know love us. Most of the time we are not aware of the person we love; lack of returned love. We are unaware of their true self and their intention. The unaware person is deceived by the person false love or the person unstable distorted mind that is unable to commit; but, was not cruelly intended. Once the unaware person comes into awareness, they must make a decision whether to stay with that person or leave. If one stays, it is because of the lack of respect that they have for their selves. They are not strong enough to let the love g o and search for true love; because the person whom they love has tapped into their unconscious and created a component that will love them forever despite their infidelities.  They can overcome the unconsciousness; by allowing their consciousness to no longer be repressed. Sometimes it takes drastic events to happen in order to change someone mind. It triggers a familiar scene in the consciousness; and then pulls the conscious out of the repressed state. Some people would say, if that did not happen they would have just loved him/her; when in reality that could not be; because some people do not leave even when things are out of control; because their creator of the unconsciousness keeps feeding its creation so much bull; until the conscious actually dies. And the person knows not what they do any more. Those who do see the light have come in touch with their true conscious of rationality.
However, there is some immoral consciousness. This consciousness could have been created early in age through latency or mechanical stage of infant development. The conscious is unreceptive (unwilling to listen) and reflexive (impulsive). If the behavior is not corrected at an early stage, it would then take over the entire mind; the mind of immoral nature; that can cause one to murder, be a drugs users and rapist. The immoral nature gives the impression, that the person seems to be unaware, when that they are aware; but chooses the immoral and unethical path way. Their consciousness have been developed intertwined with high amounts of immorality and unethical behavior; and smalls of amounts of good morals and ethics; which makes them aware of wrong and right ; but, they still consciously chose to do wrong; which causes the person to appear unconscious. That’s why in some murder cases, the murders get sent to jail because their bad consciousness had taken over; or the some murders go to the asylum because the act of murder was neither good nor bad consciousness, it was the unconsciousness that had taken over their mind completely. Therefore, they are not accountable for their actions.
 The consciousness in person developed, is produced by our environment surroundings; not whether it is moral or ethical. Gods doctrine often lack realism verses moral and ethics; but, some of his moral and ethical views are irrational as, well, as unrealistic. The belief system of god’s ethical and moral standards is in fact the same as someone who live by the law of the land. A lot of similarities are in the both gods law and the law of man.
This is how we know the creator of god has got to have emerged from the thoughts of a human being, rather than a supernatural being, because, of the similarities; and,  correlation between god’s law and man’s law. Although, the man’s law is more realistic; it still believe in some of the commandments of the bible. It is mostly going by the odds of things happening. Like fornication; the odds of committed fornication 5 out of 10. If man went by the bible, a large majority of people would be in jail for the act of sin, fornication.  Adultery is different not because of the sacred vow; but, because of the act of sex between two people can come into play at any time. There is no need to go to someone else once one has the significant other for the sexual need. It is illogical and unethical to go outside the marriage for sex. The adulterer has problems dealing with devotion; they feel the need to fill their sexual desires, with someone other than with their spouse. In doing so, will be consequences for breaking that agreement; in divorce court. God’s logic is unrealistic; he has been created by man that lived in a very shelter world of non-realistic views.
God the so called creator of this universe, would not know correct realism or even rationalism ,if it fell on the head in hit him from an higher power from beyond. Therefore the creator of god was, filled with guilt as well as blinded pride. He cannot accept the realities of the worlds; because of his lack of exposure and/or his incapability’s to relate with the social relations of the world from the evolutionary changes.
Identify the True Likeness of God
Earlier we have discussed etymological, of the origin and development of a word; the scientific study of words. I would like to discuss the words god, devil, Satan, Jehovah, Lucifer, Allah, and Jesus. Also, the word Atheists and how it is defined as wicked.
It is important to examine these words; because, we need to know how one is defining the other; the dictionary acknowledgement of the words and what it mean to the inventor of the words. When we do not understand the meaning or do not know the spelling of the word; our immediate response is to look it up in the dictionary; that was created by man; and his inventors of the words and their meanings.
Their identity and how the meaning of the word is in parallel with comparability and contradictions. Could this be one of the reasons why there are so many different religions; because of the opposing words in a Webster’s Dictionary and other dictionaries; and the rivalries of the holy bible or even the Koran?
The word devil, characterization by man has been described as the chief evil spirit; Satan, an evil spirit, demon and a very wicked person. It does not say that an atheist is a devil; but believers often categorized atheist people as devil. They are devil/Satan worshiper that even says they are atheist. This could not be true; because the devil is a living supernatural being, with god like powers of paranormal. It is also defined as an evil or unlucky person; who is in contrast with the bibles definition. An atheist do not believe a supernatural immortal being (a god); nor is the atheist unlucky or evil.
However, the word atheist is described in the dictionary as one whom does not believe in god; it is not mentioning the devil. But, an order for the god to have come up with the plan of saving souls ; there was something being referred to as devil ; whom was close to god but then became god’s enemy. Anything in heaven is immortal; and the devil was in heaven and his immortal being shall dwell in hell in the lake of fire for eternity, when the rapture comes to carry the most pure at heart home.
 Finally, the devil cannot be an atheist; because the devil believes that there is a god; and he tries to get people not to worship god’s doctrine. Verse atheist saying he just simply does not exist. The devil had to believe that god is true ; and order for him to fight against his kingdom ; and god had to believe that the devil evil is true , an order for him to put the devil out of heaven and create an operation for his people to follow, so they will inherit eternity.
The devil has many names like god has; but the devil names represent the same meaning; but, are pronounced differently in Hebrew and other languages. The belief in the devil never changes. But, the belief and god does; he is god of Jehovah in Hebrew making the belief different; worshiping only god and not his son Jesus.
The Muslim name for god is Allah in Arabic; the religion is different; their religion is Muslim/Islam; that was founded by Mohammed in Arab prophet.
The devil stays to his original evil self ; and god keeps recreating himself because the devil has over throne the different religious practice that god has created in order to save his people ; it confuses god about what is his true self. With the dictionary not reflecting the holy bible can cause even more of a different interpretation of the characters in the holy bible.
Since we are supposed to come from this so called god; and fall for tricks by the devil; then god falls for them to. We are hypothetically a reflection of him, whom he do not like; and tend to recreate himself with unimaginable strength, that he wants to be adored and envied by all.
God is just as human as us; but, only he is much more of a quick thinker then we are that gets him out of a mess. With the ability to redirected his doctrine in any fashion; that would always lead a believer back to worshiping him and his doctrine; in many languages and many religious gods.
God characterization by man has been described as various beings, conceived as supernatural and immortal; a man of deity. The statement is implying that there are various being (more than one god) within god kingdom; to facilitate a visualized god. People have invented different religion, because of the multiple names of god; like Jehovah and Allah etc... The bible defines theses name as another word for god; but, Jesus is define as the creator of the Christian religion. Still Jehovah is considered a Hebrew word for god; and Allah has their own separate religion. It is implying that Allah is the Muslim name for god. The Muslim is described as the true believer; an adherent (devotee) to Islam is to resign oneself to god. Yet Christianity is not defined as the true believers in the dictionary.
Jesus, characterization of man has been described as the founder of religion; also, Holy Ghost. The bible claims that he is prophet; in most dictionary is does not state he is a prophet; nor does it state that Jesus was god that manifest himself in the flesh.
We do not expect the dictionary to hold all the information from the bible; but, it is something wrong when other figures in the bible is being described as devoted to god ; and it does not state that Jesus was considered the coming of the Messiah; that was prophesied in the Old Testament. Or, even that he was a great miracle worker. It gives Elijah the title of a prophet. A prophet within religion is known as a spiritualist.
Elijah’s, characterization by man has been described as a prophet of Israel in 9th c, B.C. It does not describe him as a creator of religion; but, a prophet of Israel ancient land of Hebrews. The prophet is one of divinity and spiritual in the religious doctrine. Verses prophets in natural science sense; is a person of telepathic powers, telekinetic; one who has the abilities to read someone thoughts.
Why Jesus wasn’t called a prophet? Whom created the dictionary obviously have their own personal insight on religion that supports the prophet Elijah and not Jesus. The Christian religion is defined as a religion that was established by Jesus Christ.
Since the bible teaches that we are all children of god; why should one child be valued more then another.  It is because Jesus Christ was prophesied in the Old Testament. Jesus came and created the Christian religion that god himself have crafted. Jesus was called a prophet; but, yet most dictionaries do not define him as a prophet. It had to be one simple solution; Jesus was not a prophet, only a messenger. A messenger informs someone what is being conveyed. Jesus perception is wrong and has no foresight in the coming of the Revelation. But, in the gospel Jesus is clearly is referred to as a prophet. He is only a messenger, the architect of the religion called Christianity. It does not make sense to leave out such an important description of a powerful being that can easily define the redeemer of the world. Also, there is no acknowledgement of his sanctification of miracles; referred to as supernatural events of god in the body of Jesus. The word prophet has been clearly discarded from the definition of Jesus. Yet, man relies on the dictionary more than the bible. Could it be that educated men and women do not believe in miracles from a supernatural being; it is simple not privileged. Divinity is religious and perception is awareness, which is consciousness; it has no supernatural existence. The scholars of the dictionary may have believed there is no indirect meaning of the word Jesus.
Holy Spirit (Ghost) is the third being out of the holy trinity. The trinity is in contrast of the Pentecostal doctrine or theory; there is no three separate being, only one that manifest himself from god, to the Jesus and then into the Holy Spirit. Pentecostal believes in worshiping the Holy Spirit as defined in the dictionary.
Just believing in such an entity, is allowing oneself to be subject to extrasensory perception from an entity that was left on earth; by an administer of its doctrine, which left the holy spirit . The spirit acts submissive to the doctrine god created. Created, for the believer to follow in order to have peace within them and inherit eternity. The Holy Spirit is a reactant to the god doctrine; it becomes obedient to the will of this so called god.
 The Holy Spirit is a catalyst that acts as an agent to the catalysis God; that is engenders (producing) enzyme and human vessel; the catalyst act as a receptor from the catalysis. Amalgamate (joining) of all three into a mechanism of good reasoning; rather than the operation of a three part trinity of supernatural powers. The catalyst, catalysis and enzyme are being referred as non-specified scientific term that has been chosen with discretion by the person whom is using the process as a diverse metaphor.
The person whom believe in the Holy Spirit and claims that they have it dwelling in their ungodly flesh. Is claiming their body as a human vessel, holding a powerful entity that has created a sufficient mechanism to work productively in the human body; without any interference from the flesh, god has instilled in the willing sacrifice.
The human vessel holds a manufacturer unit that god has hand crafted into the best perfection. The mechanism consist of the knowledge and fortitude of god; and a sign that it is in place; which, is the utterance of unknown in the new vessel,  that only god and the individual believer will know . This initiate commence is the beginning of a new life of mysticism.
The knowledge of god is knowing his word and wisdom; the doctrine in which he gives as guidance through life transgression and rules to follow to inherit eternity. This is part of a system that I refer to as Synchronization of the Production. Knowledge is that god is true and from his word; and his word is claimed to be a power of wisdom. Realistically, it is the basic system of psychological process in the matter of the trinity; of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit (unknown tongue (utterance).
The father is the wisdom and knowledge of god; acceptance that Jesus is your Lord savior; and Holy Spirit is a guided force that will help you stay in the doctrine of Christianity. The utterance is the evidence that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in the believer. So, the four elements can be psychologically explained, as a form of characteristics beings; that has been produce by a pattern of its existence; when it first merge on the scene.
 These are basic life skill that had been turned into theories of an unseen supernatural force. That has applied itself to life skills of the human race social awareness and social consciousness; and the concepts of what is realistic and what is unlikely in the growing and developing mind of each individual.
The humanistic mother/ father are the wisdom (god); that is instilled in a person throughout life by their parents. To be wise, one does not have to believe in a supernatural being. Just having the practical ways of life and understanding the changes around you is wisdom enough. But, there are some people whom wisdom goes beyond the norms. That has intellectual capabilities to analyze the world more intimately and its changes that lead to a newly discovered and logical phenomenon. This has been taking place throughout the world in the social science of evolution. Solving mysterious in a natural way of critical thinking; rather accepting the theory that have already been written in a holy scriptures from an ancient time.
The son is acceptance; it is accepting that Jesus is the true son of god; and by accepting this you shall follow the new testament of Christianity. That god has sent down to the soul of Jesus; who have administered the new doctrine.
 In reality you have created a new person within yourself that found a new way of life. However, the creator of the new religion Christianity is believed to be a divine person whom really came in the flesh; that is showing the believer a better way of life verses just god sending messages through people whom was not pure, but pure like Jesus was. So, god decides to start from the human reproduction stage; before the sperm and egg even met; crafting him into existence from the very beginning. Then leaving sign to the most wise, that this is the birth of the coming of the messiah; which is I. I mentioned early, how in the mother womb a child is capable of sensing what is practical to them or what is impressionable; then later it will develop throughout latency to adulthood. The creator of God figured in order to create the perfect vessel; he most starts the craftsmanship of this creation in an early stage of human conception. Consistently instilling in the creation their purpose is to live for god, teach and die. Like some children are taught violence all through their lives; then end up being a highly violent person; whom go back and forth to jail and is most likely to murder or to be murdered.
God has test and tried all sort of method to purify his people. This new chosen creation will end the search for resolution. In order to catch the eyes of people, god must create something that is believable and of pureness; because what old shall become new, and what is damaged will be made over. It would be more acceptable if the creation is a person of pureness since birth. Since they claimed that god has created Jesus in the virgin’s womb Mary; without any physical contact. Mary then had born the child Jesus in the manger. Then later, eventually the people believed that Jesus was the savior of the world.
The Holy Spirit is a guidance force; which, in reality is your own will of consciousness to help you make decision; that could be good or bad. The same like living with the Holy Spirit it is supposed to guild you in the correct manner; but sometimes it loses to the flesh and the bad wins. In the natural psychological sense of a good consciousness and in the bad one; we rely on our own intellect of ethical and moral consciousness to be a guidance force in our lives.
 The unknown tongue is evidence; in natural sense the evidence that your good consciousness is overpowering the bad one; the decision you make and life; the environment you chose to live in. Is the type of person that just people view you as; which is evidence that your true good conscious, has developed into a healthy quality human being; that is the end product; verses the unknown tongue of speaking in utterance. Something that is evidential that Holy Spirit is dwelling in their soul; it will speaks in utterance; that only they and god (Jesus) can understand. It is a secret romance of conversation; rather than the secret romance of one contemplating on what they want; and making it known to their rational mind or too a significant other. The doctrine contradicts itself and condemns itself; which makes it have no self-worth; only to the one who manipulate the word of this so called god very well; can develop it into a good wealth in the church, mosque etc.
Self Confidence
The mind of a positive atheist is total self confidence in one self. It is self-reliance of independent thoughts; rather than dependent minds that responds to someone else thoughts. The unity with individual representation of multiple minds; can create an existing self-confidence within a realm. Creating supernatural being for confidence; is a sign, of fear accomplishing on your own. Rather, then having self-confidence of one’s self to achieve goals or life triumph.
The theory of god as a supernatural being and creator of the universe; is something that cannot be proven; therefore, it is considered to be a non- existing. We can all be gods in our own way; by conquering life affliction and achieving are objectives in life without an artist or creator of our human existence.
A god is a conqueror, a champion; it does not half to be a representation of a supernatural being; that was created in someone else mind. Self-confidence rather than self-reliance on a pretend friend that was manifested from someone else ideas; had created a false, but true supernatural existence; meaning that the supernatural being is true in ones thoughts, but not in the natural sense of true existence of a realistic phenomenon. One who have real recollection of a supernatural being; cannot bring this recollection into the existence in the world. But, they can share the thoughts of the supernatural being and the mind of hypnosis or mass hallucination.
The merging of the supernatural being, of the so called god cannot come forth; it is claimed by the believer only after death; which is the inheritance of everlasting life. Being comfortable with death is the basic essential to the believer; because when they die they believe that they will go to heaven and lives forever. The creator of God came up with theory, in the consideration of how one is dealing with death.
Remembrance of people after death; the soul still lives and just the flesh has died. Their soul had to dwell in some divine place; the theory of many mansions is in heaven come about for an enriched place for a divine spirit to live forever. When love ones die, we often worry about if they are hurting or safe. By creating this godly place, where there is no hurt or pain; will help the unfortunate person, whom lost a love one find peace in their mind. Convincing them that there is a god; and if you have lived by the gods words; when your flesh dies your soul shall inherit heaven and live an everlasting life of peace and serene. Having this god of heaven to believe in; is not dealing with the acceptance of death; and it is something that will happen to all of us. Ones that have died can no longer feel any pain.
What you’re dealing with is the pain of lost; that you will never see that person whom you loved so much ever again. Sometime this can create thoughts of the deceased one, in pain or in bliss. It is best to think of them in a bliss state of being. It will help the love one to continue on in life without hurt or guilt; looking forward to being with the decease at a later time.
 This is not realistic, but suitable because the person whom lost their love one can move on in their life much better; however, it is causing someone to believe in a non- realistic phenomenon.  No one would not know that god was not real even after death; because when they die, they just die. So, they and their love ones that they left behind will never know the truth. No one has been to heaven in back. The believer will fall into a non- realistic world of spirituality that does not exist until they die. The belief in god and paradise, of those whom was left behind will be exalted into a non- realistic existence; only in true shared thoughts of the believers. Their thoughts are being built with confidence from the existence of shared thoughts; that has been created falsely by the creator of god; that is originally their selves. It’s like if a person is in love with another person, but the other person is not in love with them at all. Although the person whom is in love cannot feel that the love is not authentic. Because they have built love on the basis of his/her partners treatment towards them; that is the outer surface of false love. The person home is not returning authentic love to their partner is creating a delusion love, between them and their partner.
This very thing is what the love of god is; a delusion love. One believes that they are being kept and loved; but, in reality they are receiving only the surface of false love; that gives the impression that the love is authentic from within.
Some people never will find out the love they have is not real or they are in denial that the love was not true. Like the love ones of a deceased person will never truly know whether their love one has inherited everlasting life. The love affair is inconclusive; because, of the unknown life after death and what are true feelings of authentic love.
The atheist rely on self-confidence; loving oneself before loving another. Believing in you and the world of natural science and how it is conducting. Not the usual relationships of false love that cannot be determined because of death; because no one has witness such true love by in supernatural being. Loving one self and staying true to you throughout the social evolution changes of social science; is much more of a realistic phenomenon for our purpose in the world we live.
Many philosophers as well as theologians have come to the conclusion that divinity is an imperative to the believer; but, cannot be accountable for the faults of spirituality and its lack of evidence of religious existence.
 Scientific theory of the mind, and how it receive and perceive things; is a much more logical explanation for what appears to be, a supernatural phenomenon; it is more of parapsychology. This is psychology way of dealing with psychic phenomena of telepathy; that is being elaborated as a higher power of in immortal god.
Immortal, as a Human Essential
Immortal is thought to be a unique quality of the supernatural being god, having the power to have everlasting life; no death. It is what most people are looking for when they become sanctify in their religious belief; however, some people are looking for great wealth, health and peace within themselves from their religious experience. But, the most important essential element that is needed to inherit everlasting, is the recognition that god is their Lord in savior; and agreeing to live by his commandments to receive the true gift, of immortality. So, one will do their best of their capabilities to live a pure life to receive the gift of everlasting life of eternity.
In some situation in the religious doctrines; god will give you test and trials; to appraise your faith in him and loyalty of his commandment; seeing if you would go through anything to receive the gift of eternity. Will your mind be on his goodness; when he allows the devil to generate the stumbling blocks to the doctrine which stands? God makes one suffer who love him so much; seems to be quite cruel and unusually love; which in fact it is. I have heard from men of cloth that god can be cruel; but it is never evaluated why is he so cruel; and being cruel is an act of abhorrence. God is not supposed to hate us; we are supposed to learn from example he has given. In some religion when god manifests himself in the flesh of his only begotten son; who died on the cross and  then soul later raised as the holy spirit of god, the prince of peace; and peace is not hatred; yet,  god is still cruel to us; which does not make any rational belief that god  practice what he preaches. God likes to be amused; and like the attention of wanting to be feared, loved and honored. Something that the devil does not require from us; but still the belief is igniting flames of cruel intention; that was started by god. It is like when a man, sees a sexy woman in the bar; and he decide to take her home to lie with. Then on the way to the car he becomes attacked by some unknown person; who is beating him to the ground and stealing all his goods. There he lay on the ground, half blooding to death; no one to love or care for him. You have none of the feeling you felt just before the wicked woman led you to her true master. It was already for seen by god, for you to fail this test of moral. God knows you better then you know yourself; the failure was predicted. The devil lured you with the enticement of the sexy woman; then god knocked you over the head for taking such a trail of ungodliness.
 Hurting us is a cruel emotion for a so called god above. If he knows us so well; why even allow the devil to tempt us with pleasurable desire?  Then punish us for something he has put upon us. Why does he play with our salvation? Doesn’t he want us to return to heaven to be by his side? No, he does not; he has no intentions to ever having us in his place of heaven. We are unworthy peasant to him and his cause. Because we exposed the true being of himself; and his self is so arrogant that he cannot come to the realization that it does not matter where you put yourself; you are still the same person. Trying to reinvent yourself without first carefully evaluating what is it about your personality that is causing you to fail is not wise.  This can only be done if you fairly evaluate your life experiences with the people you have come upon in your past and present life; something god fails to do because he is incoherent or not brave enough to do so. The doctrine clearly states that the devil did try to take over the royal position, which was wrong to do; but god failed to accept true forgiveness. If he did so then we would not suffer; like I previously mentioned. If god and the devil truly existed; then the both of them is the cause of man’s suffering in the universe; because they failed to put their issue aside.
This is not logical to even be a supernatural god that is of peace. Therefore, the existence of god cannot be real; unless the god is the devils right hand man. Which would mean that we are dispensable and not valued by god don’t matter what we do or how hard we try; we are expendable.
 Is the wrongdoer truly repentant? Can someone who has committed the most common sin, to the most treacherous sins truly have a repentant heart? Are they worthy of forgiveness? How is it determined whether or not the sinner is sincere about his or her repent. There is no true way of telling if someone is sincerely regretful in what they have done. But, the bible believes that there is; and believe that as long as you ask for forgiveness of your sins; you soul shall be redeemed. By, this sinner is no longer sinning; but will be judge on judgment day before they can be granted eternity. Church becomes elite about a sinner coming into the knowledge that god is who he says he is; and that they are willing sacrifices for god. However, a pastor or priest cannot see the true intention of this person or can predict that they will return back into a sinner. Yet, the member of the clergy will credit this person as a liberator of the church and in the community. When thoughts of sin began to invade their minds, the liberator will then fall back into their old ways; or purposely come out of their shell and begin to commit the same sin again. And when it is done the clergy then will make them confess to god or send them to another church; it depends on the sin that was committed. For example, if a man cheated on his wife; the sinful clergy will probably get up in front of the congregation in tell god and the church that they are remorseful for the sins they have committed; the church and god will then accept their forgiveness; or, if the sin was a person whom molested a child after just repenting for committing that sin; instead of the congregation getting help from outside of the church; they just left it up to god to heal the child molester. The clergy often will move the accused child molester from church to church. The clergy for some reason do not believe that the sin of child molestation needs the attentions from law enforcement in order for the situation to be resolved or even give the child molester the proper attention.

As, a result of seclusion of the criminal act; more and more children are being molested by these person of so called liberator and clergy. This type of reasoning is encouraged by the holy scriptures in the bible; in reference to the (Galatians 6:1) repentant heart of a wrongdoer. The clergy feels that they have been hand chosen by god to look over his flock; and that they are the angel of the church; and the angel’s duties are to takes instruction from god; and then administer it in the pulpit. This so called god accept that the sinner has truly repent; then he gives the permission that the sinner can now rejoin his congregation ; because they have be forgiven of their sin. There is no evidence that the clergy men are hearing the voice of a god (a supernatural being). The congregation just believe in the clergy; because of their charismatic ways of manipulating the Holy Scripture, and because the scripture tells them so.
Following the rationality of the word of god; could in fact very well put people’s life in danger. God is supposed to give the clergy the ability to have great perception on viewing the truly repentant. If they are hearing from god that this person will not commit this sin no longer; and they do; that means they cannot hear the true voice of a god and they are hearing what they want or the so called devils voice that is speaking through the falsely repented mouth. In actuality the clergy have created an false relationship with another part of himself ; that is in fact another feature in them that lives in the subconscious; that has been manipulated by the false repentant and by the unstable repentant.
The unstable repentant for example: is like you are on probation for a crime you have admitted of committing in a parole hearing. Once you get out of jail everything is going right; then after a while your mind began to go astray to your old bad ways; then you commit the same sins that you did before to get you incarcerated the first time; and probably committing new sins along with that one. The probation officer finds out that you have violated your probation; which caused you to return to jail or face other consequences. The probation officer is hurt along with the parole board and judges; that you have failed to live like a good productive citizen; like you claimed you were going to do. They were repentant in the sin or crime that had they committed; but, the social environment of their surrounding caused their mind to be unstable; which I considers to be the unstable repentant.

An order to ask forgiveness one should start with forgiving their selves. They must be dedicated to living a vigorous life of prosperity. And working hard to always improve their selves will help them distance themselves from their precedent of belligerence. This will break the cycle of enmity (bad feeling).
Affirmative Atheism
Affirmative Atheism bestows an explanation to the baffling mysteries and dilemmas of societal issue. It gives an excellent insight to political principles, social science and technology from a humanistic view; resulting in realistic approaches to difficulties that occur throughout evolution of social society.
This is the solution to the improper social relation that occurs in society. Being an Affirmative Atheist will only enhance your perception  from an world of non-realistic theories that cannot be supported in the expected ethical systematic system of rationality; because the answers is being driving by the theories, of an  so called supernatural god; that has been written in  holy scriptures. The creator of the so called powerful god fail to put in the most important essential in his ingredient to salvation of eternity: and that is. Who created him?
Without any spiritual guidance from an imaginary god; one can gain all the advantages that life has to offer without believing in the Theories of the Doctrine of god; that are actually vague reflection of life realistic views that looks upon the true objectives to life transgression; rather than the belief an a supernatural being that is offering abundant life and eternity. One, most likely be and the category of living to the highest standard of the world; and exploring it’s finding and uncovering it’s mysterious of life.

Alfreda Howard